Before the Sandies Bathala was built the island hosted a resort made of traditional sand cottages which could no longer be restructured.

Therefore, the resort was pulled down to be replaced by the new Eco-Resort which can also host many more guests thanks to extra 24 overwater bungalows.

Bathala is located center-west of the Ari Atoll; we are talking about a small, 4-hectare island (260 x 130 metres), a minuscule jewel in the middle of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the coral reef.

There, Marlegno has accepted and won a wonderful challenge: we have built the Sandies Bathala using several innovative techniques and overcoming the logistic and environmental issues raised by the Asian archipelago.


Planhotel Hospitality Group


Ettore Mocchetti


Ari Atoll


4 months


2 months


60 people


The Eco Resort project was personally supervised by Ettore Mocchetti, a well known Italian Architect and Interior Designer who, over the last ten years, has been focusing on environmental issues.

Mocchetti cooperated with Marlegno design team to give a contemporary and elegant new identity to the concept of sustainable tourism.

“Grasping the potential and the nuances of Ettore Mocchetti’s vision was an exciting challenge for our designers.

By using wood we could ensure the best performance with the lowest impact”

Arch. Luca Barcella | Marlegno R&D Manager



Wood is the beating heart of each green building .
It is a versatile living material which is suitable for several technological applications and whose features remain unaltered over time.

The Eco Resort presents a lamellar timber structure which is especially suitable for its being lightweight: workers processed elements featuring a maximum weight of 80-90 kg.

The external finishing, instead, features a high-tech, complex material, designed to be resistant to salt water, thermal differences and harsh weather conditions and reduce maintenance operations to the minimum.

“The island is really humid and windy, plus there is a high salt concentration in the air. We needed to find a highly resistant material with no special needs in terms of future maintenance.”

Geom. Omar Bonomi | Marlegno Sites Manager


The project required 2 months of continuous on-site works by a team of 60 people among which there were dedicated coordinators sent directly from Italy.

Such achievement stems from two specific choices: the first concerning offsite prefabrication, i.e. the fact of arranging the production in our premises in Bergamo and minimizing activities according to circular economy principles.

The second concerned the dry construction technique according to which every single component has to perfectly, safely and quickly fit the others without the need to use glues and adhesives.

“Adopting an Integrated Engineering approach meant blending design, innovation and Italian style.

Every component in the project was carefully listed and clearly represented in the drawings so as to enable workers to assemble them properly and fast .”

Arch. Sara Zappella | Marlegno Project Manager


We adopted a future-oriented approach: when the moment comes to disassemble the resort, we will just need to apply a reverse process.
A checklist of all the materials used was drawn, specifying how they are supposed to be assembled and, in case, disassembled.



"Feeling at home, everywhere in the world"

Today the resort is open to the public and can host over 200 guests. Thanks to our production technology and to the attention paid to all the details, the 24 overwater villas and the 48 beach villas ensure maximum comfort and, at the same time, the lowest possible impact on the surrounding environment.

With reference to this exotic paradise, we have achieved an important requalification target and tourists can now enjoy an unforgettable holiday in a resort which is synonymous to excellence:



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“Thanks to a thorough research process and new technologies, our vision of the world aims at putting together comfort, attention to the environment and energy savings.

Having succeeded in taking Marlegno almost 8000 km from its original territory has meant for us turning our company spirit and ambition into a reality and perfectly blending sustainability, innovation and outstanding quality”.

Ing. Angelo Luigi Marchetti | Marlegno CEO

“We deeply believe in the Life Cycle Thinking (LCT), a philosophy which takes into serious consideration the financial, environmental and social consequences of a product throughout its entire life cycle .

Our staff shares this point of view and applies it in every stage from the engineering process to the actual production ”

Siro Marchetti | Marlegno Chairman