Prefabricated module for widespread hôtellerie

Staying in a “nest”, surrounded by nature, without giving up the comforts of your home: this is Nidoom®.

A total prefabricated hotel suite, with a wooden structure designed to guarantee comfort and energy efficiency, fully respecting the environment and nature.

Compact and easily transportable, energy efficient and equipped with all comforts and modern technologies. 100% Made in Italy.

Each module can be tailor-made, with customized dimensions and design.


Nidoom is made with a wooden structure, natural and light, and is designed to produce zero impact on the environment.


Maximum comfort is guaranteed: the wooden structure gives a feeling of welcome and the suite is equipped with the best technology to be as comfortable as your home.


A completely prefabricated module, transportable and repositionable according to needs.


A module designed to minimize energy consumption, thanks to the insulated casing, the use of renewable sources and the intelligent management of the systems.